184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 8007
Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00 Sunday CLOSED
NIKKEI Tanki Flip +297 737 6506    NIKKEI Palm Beach +297 737 6505
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Best Sushi restaurants in Aruba

Nikkei Sushi Bar

Located in two convenient spots in Aruba, one in Palm Beach and one in Tanki Flip, Nikkei Sushi Bar is one of the best Sushi restaurants in Aruba. Offering a sushi bar with a Peruvian twist, discerning diners are sure to enjoy the flavorful fusion we offer. We also offer sushi beach delivery services – you can enjoy our food whether it be at home or under the sun!

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Nikkei sushi is a modern culinary fusion born of the melding of Peruvian and Japanese cultures that takes place in much of South America. Marked by the combination of fresh seafood and ceviche, this emerging sensation is a unique food that follows the delicate presentation of sushi with the flavorful punch of traditional Peruvian food.